The success of your website optimisation depends on the quality of primary research into potential search phrases relevant to your business.

An experienced SEO consultant can look at your website and recommend a set of potential key phrases for optimisation based on their potential and competitiveness.

In order to assist us please supply your top ten wish list containing the phrases you would like to rate highly for.

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Did you know?

A lot of SEO companies still charge for the most basic advice that is publicly available and all developers should already know.

At DEJAN SEO we provide this advice for free, and so does Google. This is the official on-site optimisation guide published by Google.

By following the steps above and implementing them correctly you can achieve dramatic difference in the way search engines understand your website and ultimately drive a lot more traffic.

Fixing on-site elements, however, is only half the work and there are a number crucial elements which need to be looked after.

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